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NOI in Denver History

The Nation of Islam first started in Denver in 1959. The first study group was started by Bro William CX Herndon who would later become Bro Zakee Ameen Muhammad and Bro Charles 3X Strain. Bro William was in his early 20's and Bro Charles was in his late 50's and because of this vast age difference they were known in the community as "the old man and the boy."  In 1972, the Hon Elijah Muhammad sent Bro Min Henry X Purifoy who would become Bro Sabir Saleem Muhammad and established Muhammad Mosque #51 which was located at 2810 Madison St on the east side of Denver.

the Faith

After the Nation's fall, the Hon Min Louis Farrakhan would have a number of helpers that would help in re-establishing Islam in the city of Denver in the rebuilding efforts of the Nation of Islam worldwide. Student laborers include, Bro Wazir Ali Muhammad, Bro Jeff Fard, Bro Manzer X, Bro Jamal Muhammad, Bro Lukie Muhammad, Sis Patricia Abraham Muhammad, Bro Amuel Muhammad, Bro Corey 2X, Bro James Ali Muhammad, Sis Naimah Muhammad and Sis Tania X.


The Nation Denver continues to grow and prosper under the direction of the Hon Min Louis Farrakhan. Currently, Bro Herman Muhammad, Bro Afsar Muhammad, Bro David Muhammad and Sis Mary X lead the believers in Denver Study Group where their goal is to attain mosque status and purchase a permanent home for Muhammad Mosque #51 and solidify Muhammad's legacy in this great city.


Proposed Mosque Rendering

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