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Ye, Hip Hop Media & the Fear of So-Called Jews

There has always been a "Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews" and recently Kanye West aka Ye has exposed it in a very public way. His contention is that the Jewish people are very powerful and that they profit off of entertainers by producing records, films, TV and talent management. He pointed out how you always see Jews managing Blacks but you NEVER see Blacks managing Jews. This of course, outraged the Jewish power structure and accusations were aimed at Ye and he was cut of from Jewish business ties that helped him become one of the richest Black people in America.

He lost contracts almost immediately with Balenciaga, The Gap, Def Jam Records and Adidas. The media who Ye said was "Jewish Controlled" beamed with glee as they stated that because of these business losses, Ye was no longer a billionaire. What is missing from this conversation is the fact that by all the actions that the Jewish people have taken against Ye, they have proven that what he said is absolute truth! Black people need to take note on how Jewish people stay on code and always protect their own no matter what. We need to exercise our power and cancel all those who have effectively canceled Ye and show them that we have power too.

Black people spend over a trillion dollars annually in this economy yet we garner little to no respect from the people that we purchase from. Ye, whether you like him or not, put his life on the line by saying what he said because he didn't have to say anything and he could continue living the status quo and living a lavish life. Instead he spoke truth, regardless of the circumstances and is paying the price right now. I pray that he continue to stand on that truth and that all truth seekers stand with him.

Below is a podcast from a couple of brothers who reflect my thoughts on the issue and where we should go from here. Enjoy!


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